Progressive Lock-out Policy

05-24-2018 01:07 PM
Status: Open
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I am using arcgis online with many classes in the Toronto District School Board; I create their accounts within the TDSB enterprise account. I make 1 account for each class to use; as I have many classes, I am not prepared to make individual student accounts.
Something that happens consistently, is that the students often type in the password, or username, incorrectly. We happen to be on our own network, so all the computers share an outside IP address. So if one student gets locked out for 15 minutes, then everyone else who hasn't logged in, but does put in the correct credentials, is also locked out! This is extremely frustrating on our end.
Could the policy be changed to 1 minute the first time, 2 minutes the second round, 5 minutes the third, etc? That would still prevent brute force attempts (if you get any), and allow classes to not wait relatively large amounts of our computer lab time waiting to log in.
My sincerest thanks!

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This is still happening, and it is still really frustrating!

Please, it would be a huge benefit to have the lock-out time drastically reduced. Even to 5 minutes.

I honestly can't imagine you have many brute force attacks trying to log in (any, at all, ever?) - you do offer free accounts!