Print Widget for AGOL Off-the-Shelf Web Apps

11-04-2016 02:27 PM
Status: Open
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Over the course of this year requests for a PRINT WIDGET in the ArcGIS Online off-the-shelf apps have been reaching my desk more and more.  This goes beyond the PRINT WIDGET offered in Web AppBuilder which is great if you have planned ahead, and for example you know that you are creating an app for a customer who knows they will need the capability to print a quick map to take to the field that day, etc.  It actually comes up more commonly where an app has already been created such as a Story Map to share with the public, or for presentation to a Manager, and the first thing the manager wants to do is PRINT it so they can share the idea with other managers or staff persons at a meeting. 

We are currently using the out-of-the box apps and widgets, not downloading and customizing AGOL apps, and are NOT re-hosting customized apps in our own web-enabled environment.  (We want to avoid some of the issues that would come with managing new versions, and updating customized web apps that have been downloaded and re-hosted.)  In the case described above, the PRINT WIDGET in Web AppBuilder does NOT meet the need!  It would be most beneficial for the broad majority of staff-users within our organization to have a PRINT WIDGET included in the off-the-shelf AGOL web apps (i.e. Story Maps, Crowd source, Map Viewer, etc).

Thank you for your consideration of this idea!



HI Kristen,

Thanks for submitting this idea. What additional functionality are you looking to have with printing? What items need to be printed that currently aren't being printed? Are there updates to the templates that you are looking to try?

If you can provide any additional information about where we can improve to meet your printing needs, that would be very helpful.



Hi Kelly:

I would like to see a print widget (such as the type you can configure in

Web AppBuilder and add to a Web AppBuilder app) added to the out-of-the-box

configurable template apps. I would like the print widget to just be part

of the functionality of the template apps. Here are some screen shots to

give you a better visual on what I am referring to. From My Content >

Create an App > Using a Template > and have a Print Widget included as part

of the Template Apps such as Story Maps, Crowdsource, Basic Viewer, etc.:

Have a Print Widget as part of the Template Apps such as Story Maps:

Have a Print Widget as part of the Template Apps such as Collect/Edit Data

(or any of them):

Does that help clarify?



Kristen Wobbe

GIS Specialist

BLM - OR State Office