Preserve Folders When Transferring AGOL Content Ownership

10-20-2020 01:07 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

Currently, when you transfer all of one owner's content to someone else, it all transfers into one new folder. This process loses all of a company's organization. The folders need to be preserved so all the content doesn't end up as hundreds or thousands of loose items. 


I concur - good idea.   The new option to transfer content via "..." on member page is welcome - but currently almost useless to me as an admin.

We have members who have been using AGO for quite some time who have created/organized their project content by folders.  They often have upwards of 20 folders with hundreds of items.  We are a large organization and from time to time people move on, necessitating the transfer of content.  

When transferring content to a new owner I'd like to see the following options:

  • preserve folder structure
  • have option of editing the folder names (i.e. I usually add the same name or piece of text - some kind of indicator - to the beginning of all the folder names getting transferred so that the new content owner can distinguish where the content came from)

I agree with this one.  I'm a little surprised this isn't part of the functionality already.  We need to transfer several accounts to ADFS logins and this would be great to have.  


Agree.  Vote Up.  Do it!  Now.  The inability to maintain a folder structure when moving content from one user to another creates work for the receiver as they have to 1st, determine the content structure and relationships before going to work on the project. Our sub-organizations have so many different workflows and little consistency in approaching like tasks, that only the few directly involved in a project know the folder/file structure.  What these users know is what they expect to see.  Without that, they're lost from the start.  All I can do now to support these users is move all the content into a single folder and let them try to reconstruct.  Many complaints about this!


Preserving folders would be a great thing.  It takes time and energy to organize your content.  It's a shame to throw it away when transferring content to another owner.  The workaround (copying one folder's content at a time is not workable.


Another vote for this functionality!

Alternatively, it might be useful to be able to facelift an account, where you retain the "guts" (folders, groups, user settings), and give it a new username/login credentials. Would help in a situation where a project is transferred directly from one outgoing employee to a new one.


This would be such a game changer, especially for larger organizations and users that own hundreds to thousands of items.