Portal collaboration with ArcGIS Online group from other organizations

06-10-2019 10:37 AM
Status: Open
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Please enable the ability for leveraging groups hosted in another organization's ArcGIS Online for collaboration between AGO and Enterprise Portal.

We are trying to collaborate with our municipal partners. We are hosting a group in our ArcGIS Online and invited users from our partners AGO accounts to access the group. A couple of partners also leverage ArcGIS Enterprise and have setup a collaboration between their Enterprise and AGO. Unfortunately even through they have been invited into the group that we are hosting in our organization, they cannot use that group as part of their collaboration.

Because Portal can only collaborate with 1 AGO organization, we cannot invite their portal to directly collaborate with our AGO organization since they still need to collaborate with their own AGO organization. Instead we need them to be able to select the group we are hosting when they create a workspace in their own AGO for collaboration.

by Anonymous User

Brendan, I think if they implement this idea, it would help you on this. You can see it and vote here https://community.esri.com/ideas/16330-allow-users-from-two-or-more-orgs-to-edit-a-webmap


Being able to add a Collaboration from more than one ArcGIS Online Organization is needed. We manage a regional data exchange composed of multiple jurisdictions. The jurisdictions need to be able to set up a Collaboration with their AGOL Org and with the regional exchange's AGOL Org.


From the FAQ:

Can ArcGIS Enterprise collaborate with more than one ArcGIS Online organization?

No. Currently, ArcGIS Enterprise supports the ability to collaborate with only one ArcGIS Online organization.

This is an extremely important feature that is required for true collaboration outside a single Enterprise.