Popup Arcade expression - enhance to also show in attribute table

08-30-2017 11:40 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

I've used an Arcade expression to create a new field in the popup.  I'd like the same expression to persist in the attribute table.

Example.  I used Arcade function to convert a local date to UTC so that it displays correctly in ArcGIS online via the popup.  Unfortunately, I'm unable to show the corrected attributes in the Attribute table. 


MHOOLE_governmentofbc‌ are you doing the work entirely in ArcGIS Online?  What happens if you set it up in ArcGIS Pro?  i.e. use the Arcade expression on the table first, and then when published as a service, the table attribute should use the expression and then it would be carried over to the pop-up.  

Just an idea.  There aren't many details in the Idea description so it is possible I'm missing something about the workflow.


Yes, all in AGO.  We will be eventually moving to Pro.  I'll give your suggestion a whirl.  Thanks for the idea.


Did this work?  If new records (with badly-formatted dates) were added to the service, is the properly-formatted date calculated on the fly?