Option to not use UTC time offset in ArcGIS Online

01-22-2013 02:21 PM
Esri Contributor
Is it possible for ArcGIS Online to have an option to display date fields using local time instead of UTC time?  It is fine to store the dates in UTC, but it would be helpful if dates/times could be displayed in local time.  Perhaps AGOL organizations could have a time zone setting that organization administrators could opt to set.  This would be especially helpful for users/organizations that don't have cross-time zone issues to face, and want to see times and dates in the only time zone they ever work in.  Thanks.


Another option is to use Arcade expressions to change to UTC. I have done it today ( ) and works fine!


Also I have formatted the date to show it as the customer wants (I work at Esri Spain):

Day(ToUTC($feature["FECHA_FICHERO"])) + "/" + Month(ToUTC($feature["FECHA_FICHERO"])) + "/" + Year(ToUTC($feature["FECHA_FICHERO"])) + " " + Hour(ToUTC($feature["FECHA_FICHERO"])) + ":" + IIf(Minute(ToUTC($feature["FECHA_FICHERO"])) > 9, Minute(ToUTC($feature["FECHA_FICHERO"])), "0"+ Minute(ToUTC($feature["FECHA_FICHERO"])))



Equivalent to ToUTC() is another function called ToLocal()


This is great when I'm uploading the data for the first time and I don't ever need to touch the feature service again. However, I run a script to delete and re-add features every day using JSON operations on the REST services. The new features added are not converted to my local time.


Really need the option to turn off the UTC conversion so we can display the correct date when appending new data, otherwise we have to manually add the UTC difference to the table before appending. Please make this change for the next version.

by Anonymous User

I'm having this exact same issue. Have you found any sort of work around for it yet?


Hi Brandon, I didn't find any workaround other than just creating a new field and adding enough hours to it to make it appear the next day on AGO. Not ideal...

by Anonymous User

We're still wanting it apparently