Option to not use UTC time offset in ArcGIS Online

01-22-2013 02:21 PM
Esri Contributor
Is it possible for ArcGIS Online to have an option to display date fields using local time instead of UTC time?  It is fine to store the dates in UTC, but it would be helpful if dates/times could be displayed in local time.  Perhaps AGOL organizations could have a time zone setting that organization administrators could opt to set.  This would be especially helpful for users/organizations that don't have cross-time zone issues to face, and want to see times and dates in the only time zone they ever work in.  Thanks.
We just discovered this issue and it definately is a problem for us as well in terms of how we are using the viewers (which are great); I don't think its is fair to suggest that one should have to enable time on every service just to have it display a date / time accurately in an AGOL Viewer popup or attribute table.  I agree with Bradyhoak and others that there should be a simple checkbox in configure attributes to either use a UTC shift or not.  If unchecked the date / time would be displayed as it exists in the database and service your web map.  
New functionality was added in the March Release to specify the timezone of your date and time data when publishing feature services from a CSV:http://doc.arcgis.com/en/arcgis-online/share-maps/publish-features.htm#GUID-DD47C642-38B4-4645-801D-...

One more comment from me, since I am struggling with this again as I write this.  I have time enabled the data in the MXD I am using for my service to resolve the UTC issue.  Unfortunately my data has more than one date/time field that I need visible to the user in a pop-up (AGOL webmap).  Only the date/time field that is specified in the Time settings for each layer appears as it does in the data, the other date/time fields are displayed incorrectly in UTC.  This is obviously not good :)

Please address this issue ASAP, Brady Hoak' comment above would be ideal if its the easiest fix.  Allow the user in the web map to decide how date/time is handled for each layer and possibly at the feature layer level if the service is added to AGOL as an item.


I have found that all of the dates within services or shape files are one day earlier than in the layers once I upload them to AGOL. What I am mapping is fire department responses to fires, so there is an alarm time and date, an arrival time and date, a controlled time and date and a last unit cleared time and date. The solution involving setting the time zone in Desktop works perfectly on one field but doesn't correct the other three. Unfortunately we have to have all of the dates because and alarm could come in just before midnight so it would be one date for the alarm and another for arrival. The same goes for the controlled and cleared fields. The work around I came up with was to add extra fields and then use the calculation tool to add a day.This idea would make my life a lot easier.


You can specify the timezone for your data when publishing from Pro. You can find the setting in the Share As Web Layer dialog under the configuration tab > configure parameters:


It would be great if this functionality could be used for Survey123 created layers.  Currently if we export to CSV for further reporting or analysis (which often include analysing response times) our dates are out.  This could end up being a deal breaker while we consider if we use Survey123. 


Is there anything you can do in ArcMap to replicate giving the entire dataset a time zone? I know you can use the Time tab in layer properties to change it for one or two date fields, but I have some datasets that require three or more date fields and this causes problems in ArcGIS Online. 

For example, three separate date fields for Incident Start Date, Incident End Date, and Incident Reported Date. 


Please add portal also. I am trying to create a map and dashboard of our fire incidents in our portal and it also converts the date fields (of which there are many). ArcGIS Pro is not an option for us currently because you have to publish to a federated portal/server which is a separate issue with its own problems.


I agree. We really need the ability to 'tell' the webmap that it should not automatically try to convert time to (or from) UTC. If I create a label showing DateTime on the layer as part of a dynamic map service, this label is apparently passed without time conversion to the webmap as I want it to do. Viewing a popup for the same feature in the webmap shows another DateTime-value because of the UTC conversion, in some cases it even results in another date. Image here showing an offset of 2 hours around midnight.

It's very hard to explain the meaning of this to an end user.Different DateTime in the webmap popup and in the label from a dynamic map service


Hi Katie,

When I attempt this in ArcGIS Pro the final hosted feature still uses, shows, and displays all its timestamps in UTC time.

Might this be a bug? I am trying to host the feature on a company Portal, not AGOL directly.