New MapViewer date field configuration for dd/mm/yyyy format

04-26-2021 01:42 AM
Status: Open
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The New Map Viewer does not have the ability to configure the date/time fields for non-American date/formats e.g. 26/04/2021 not 04/26/2021 like the majority of the world views dates. 

These are the only options,


whereas in the MapViewer Classic these were the options:


Edit:I'm adding the request for Scene Viewer as well. We are an Australian Local Government Agency and it would be really great to view dates in an Australian format. I have seen other ideas that say utilise regional system settings that could possibly work in this scenario. Not everyone is familiar with how to read dates outside of the regular Australian format dd/mm/yyyy. it would be great to see additional options added or for the option to use a regional system setting.


There are at least two other Ideas for this exact issue. This is super basic and critical

@PaulBarker @MarianneFarretta any chance this can get into the next AGOL update? 


The popup date/time formatting is locale aware and doesnt hard code a specific order for day,month,year it is driven by the user's profile settings for dates and units, settings.  Double check your user profile settings and make sure they're not US.  


After setting that value reload the map and you should see the dates adjust to your locale settings and the pop-up should adapt. for users that are not signed in it should fall back and adjust based on the users browser language/locale.