More Admin Control within AGO over Expiration/Restricted State Messages to the Organization

02-08-2022 08:23 AM
Status: Open
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Good Afternoon, reviewing previous requests they did not clearly define the problem we experience annually with ArcGIS Online subscriptions (including ArcGIS Pro). As Administrators of the account for large 1000+ organizations, we need to have the following abilities within the Administration Controls of AGO.

At current when your (30) 15 days before the end of a subscription the entire organization gets bombarded with the expiration notice. This is unnecessary and causes a burden on the administrators of the organization with constant messaging from casual users of the platform. In many cases, the license/sub will auto-renew and thus the message is unnecessary to display from an organizational standpoint.

The following solution(s) should be implemented for the Expiration Notice

  1. Turn off (or permanently surpress) messages of expiration of AGO Subscription as an option (or allow only those with ADMIN roles to see it)
  2. Potentially define which Roles within the organization see this message. A viewer Account or someone with a role that defines in a similar way does not need to be burdened with this message.
  3. The ability to store the single acknowledgment within the Cookie so the message does not appear after a user clicks.

This also should be extended to those in a Restricted State Organization, though I could see the value in letting users know that some functions may not work. We need to have the ability as Administrators to control the messages being displayed on the platform.

  1. Ability to turn off the Restricted State Ribbon by the Admin
  2. Ability to define who sees the Ribbon based upon their defined Role in the organization.

Lastly, we have Provisioning of ArcGIS Professional Through ArcGIS Online (AGO). While I do not think it functionally possible to suppress the License Experation Notice for ArcGIS Pro. Given that the option to "be Reminded 14 days before is an option clicked by default in the ArcGIS Pro application. We like to consider that this could be turned off by default for organizations who have "Software" managed through an auto-deployment system. E.g. Create the image with set options to avoid this annoyance for Licenses managed through AGO.

Request that:

  1. Ability in AGO to turn off ArcGIS Pro Expiration notices (if possible)
  2. Ability to somehow form an organization standpoint customize the installation of ArcGIS Pro to have that option turned off by default.

There is also some further speculation to take into consideration

Use of a license server to deploy concurrent licensing of ArcGIS Pro through a license manager and those using Single Login Authenticated may also have their own problems. ArcGIS Desktop Admin/License Admin tools did allow one to turn off/on 14-day notice. I am unclear if the option exists in ArcGIS Pro Admin/License tools.

This has been a long-time annoyance that hits nearly all admins annually. Specifically annoying for those who have an EA for large organizations with 1000s of users.

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From someone with over 1000 org users approaching the end of our Fiscal Year on 9/30 and contract term, great post Eric! We here at DC GIS couldn't agree more! 


Matt C