Manage Group Invitations in ArcGIS Online

04-11-2011 07:02 AM
Status: Open
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In ESRI Redistricting Online there is a Manage Groups tool, and under that a Manage Users tool that allows a group owner to view and manage outstanding invitations. I would like to see this functionality ported to ArcGIS Online and Explorer Online. Currently, I do not believe there is a way to see which invitations have been sent out but not yet accepted.

I agree that being able to access the members of each group quickly and in one location (don't have to hit the back button each time and wait for the page to refresh and then select the group and wait for the page to load) can reduce frustration and allow me to 'get er done' quickly.
I do like how I can see the list of groups and the thumbnails so I wouldn't change that, but a 'universal' group management window can save a lot of time and make  management more manageable.

Here is a screen shot of the Esri Redistricting Online dialog box the danmaher mentions:
by Anonymous User

We share content with an external AGOL account. They send through lists of their existing AGOL users to 'invite' to join the appropriate group that grants them access to the datasets.

However, once I've sent the invite, each user is required to log into AGOL and 'accept' the invitation, something that they are not that great doing. We often get queries back about whether the group invite was ever actually sent. There is currently no way that I can find of looking up and confirming that the invite was sent, so we end up 're-inviting' them.

It would be great if there was a list of 'pending invites' in AGOL.

There is already a list of 'Membership Requests' - the 'Pending Invites' would be much the same. It should also serve the function of allowing the group administrator to delete the invite. Currently, once the invite is sent, I don't think you can delete the invite until they accept it - could be a security risk if an invite was inadvertently sent to the wrong username.


Not being able to manage group invites to is a security risk.  Especially when you are inviting folks for a specific time period from an external organization. Currently we have no way to see what invites have been sent, which ones have been accepted, which are pending, etc. And there is no way to stop that invite if needed or to even see if the user has declined the invite. If the user has not yet joined, you can no longer remove them and you can also not stop them from joining.

Why would you need to stop the invite?  1. Invite accidentally sent to wrong individual.  2. Invite is time sensitive and after a length of time, the user should be removed from the group.  

The workarounds are not very nice:

1. Use python to watch the group and when the person joins the group, remove them.  This is not great as you have to have python checking the user list over and over until the user is found and removed.  In the mean time, depending on how long the user is in the group before your python script finds them, they could be using content that they are not supposed to access.

2. Create a new group and share the content there, then remove all content from the first group and re-invite ALL the people who should be in the group.  This is not a great solution as every external person that had been invited has to go in and manually accept that invite.

ESRI: please assist us with this security issue; allow us to manage invites.