Make User Search in AGOL More Specific

10-12-2020 07:40 AM
Status: Open
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When trying to add a user from an organization other than mine to a group I own, I entered his ArcGIS Online user name, something like: Bob.Smith_AnOrg to try to invite him to a group. The only user who appeared was named just Bob. I thought perhaps I had the correct user since my search had been so specific, but I was not sure. It would have been better if no users had appeared or if it was a way to click on the user for more information so I could more easily see Bob was the wrong guy. 


Having the same issue right now. Were you able to invite the person that you're looking for?

I've tried almost every string subset and combination of subsets but the search can't seem to give me the right user. I have the same issue as you ie. 'Bob.Smith@county.gov_gisdepartment' just returns the user with the username 'Bob'.

We're basically dead in the water for collaboration with this outside group on the AGOL platform right now.


Yes, the issue with my particular user was that he hadn’t shared his profile publicly. Once he did, I saw his exact user name listed. I’d bet that’s the case with your user too. Note that users also need to be allowed to join groups outside their own organization, which is controlled by the settings for their user type in ArcGIS Online. I’m glad I wasn’t able to successfully invite the wrong “Bob.” Who knows what mischief might have ensued.

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