Introduce Credit Utilization warning to Add CSV Layer UI

08-05-2020 12:21 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

Uploading locational data (without positional XY fields) and generating location from an address field within ArcGIS Online may cause unforeseen usage of AGOL credits. An example is a dataset lacking adequate address information about each location (global dataset) and to improve the accuracy of the results, the analyst iterates over the geocoding process (using the whole dataset instead of the subset) which amplifies the credit utilization throughout this process. As a result, an organization may run through it's credit utilization allocated for a year in under a day. 


While users and organizational admins should more careful with credit utilization, there is no notification within the “Load Data from CSV” function when choosing the “Locate features by” parameter that this action will consume credits. Since these operations are not labelled as "geocoding", the creates a grey area where users may not consider this a credit-drawing operation. Sure you can institute additional credit limit policies for all of our organizational users and re-communicate the list of services that consume credits within AGOL ( but for a future enhancement, an alert or notification would be helpful in preventing users from utilizing credits in an undesirable way within the Add CSV Layer interface.