Improve Sorting/Managing Feature Templates of Hosted Feature Services in AGOL Viewer

08-24-2013 05:31 PM
Status: Open
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In order to sort the feature templates(not app templates) that are viewed in any of our apps, the author has to click edit, then manage, then a tiny drop down (and not the indented one), then click move down/up. We have no flexibility of moving a template more than one position at a time! Please consider:
  1. At the very least, make additional options to move top/bottom of list.
  2. Allow multiple templates to be selected and moved up or down at one time.
  3. Have a button that alphabetically sorts the templates.
  4. Allow the use of drag and drop when managing template positions.
  5. OR the order of feature templates could be honored when publishing from Desktop to the Organization! The "Types" section (which AGOL uses for feature template information) that is seen by viewing the json of the feature service's url does not honor the order seen in the Desktop Create Features window.
With dozens, sometimes 100+ feature templates, how are we expected to effeciently organize/edit them after publishing to the organization?

Thanks, Davin
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Regarding point 5, it is a known bug:

The feature template order comes from the 'types' heading rather than the 'render' order above it. However, even at 10.2 the list comes through in a random order.