Ground Navigation and (custom) viewer height limit for AGOL global 3d WebScenes and WebApps

02-28-2018 02:12 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor II

We use global Webscene for our 3D-City modell.

For planing purposes it is very important to have a possibility to navigate close to the ground, to get a "Persons Point of view", lets say 1.5m above ground looking horizontal.

I know its possible to navigate even below ground in local webscenes, unfortunalty we can not use Esris basemaps in locals scenes, if we use our local system (ERTS89/utm33)...

What we experienced in gobal Webscenes and Webapps is, that we only can get as far as about 5m down to ground Level, which might not be down enough.

Also the view automaticaly tends to look strait down to the ground the more we zoom in, it would be better it would automatically look more horizontal the further down we come to the ground (like Google 3d maps ).

Furthermore a Navigation mode like in Games where you can walk and  "rotate/tilt" the camera/Head around its center would be nice (at least in Desktop Mode).

Last but not least the shown "View-Point-Elevation" in WebApps would be nice to be "above Ground", now its above Sea level.

By the way it would be nice to have this coordinates and view point elevation from WebApp also shown in WebScenes.

And it would be nice to have a Measure-Widget in the WebApps, like it is possible to meare now in Webscenes...