Free AGOL Accounts for Kids at Home during school shutdown

03-18-2020 07:39 AM
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I know there's some sort of AGOL EDU program, but with millions of kids suddenly at home now, potentially for a very long time, thinking ESRI can step in and FAST TRACK some some sort of program where kids can get an AGOL account and access to some age-appropriate online training thingy. Was thinking of doing an online GIS thingy for my community, but ran out of steam when I realized kids at home will have no access to online GIS resources unless......

(Edit I know there are free AGOL accounts, I'm referring to something where they can do some spatial analysis, create some content, etc..something where they can roll up their sleeves and do more than "free" stuff). 


Very good intentions here, Tom!   You're right that the Schools Mapping Software Bundle is a program that Esri has made available for quite some time now.  From that page:

The ArcGIS for Schools Bundle is available at no cost for instructional use to individual US K–12 schools, school districts, and states direct from Esri. Beyond the United States, the bundle is available to schools worldwide through Esri's network of international distributors. Every public, private, home school, and youth-serving club is eligible.

So hopefully there are already a bunch of students out there with free access to GIS learning resources. 

If you haven't checked it out yet, the space is full of resources and discussions to help during this time.  


This might be the very best idea on ArcGIS Ideas.