Filtertool like commercial websites

10-10-2016 03:27 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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I would like to have an filtertool which works and looks like filter tools commonly used in many commercial websites. When you want to buy a computer you can filter on all or some of the specs:

  • processor type (intel i3, i5, AMD, ...),
  • memory size (4 gb, 8gb, ...) ,
  • disk type (HDD, SSD),
  • disk size,
  • and so on.

The same thing for houses (number rooms, parcel size, type of house) or hotel rooms (rating, type of accommodation, air conditioning, swimming pool,..).

The tool should operate on one featurelayer. The arcgis online administrator can configure which attributes have to be used. Numeric fields can be filtered with a slider, boolean fields can be filtered by a checkbox, character fields can be filtered by unique values, coded domain fields are shown as distinct choices. The available choices can depend on the visible area on the map or can show all the available choices in the feature layer. The tool interacts directly with the map. The user can remove each filter choice that has been made or remove all the filter choices. With X-es at the top of the filtertool.

The essential part is the look of the tool. It should look like this.