Filter operations dashboard based on AGOL login / username

02-13-2020 03:45 AM
Status: Open
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It would be very useful to be able to filter the operations dashboard based on the users AGOL login (username). For example, our business use case consists of a large number of staff and volunteer surveyors carrying out wildlife monitoring. We have an operations dashboard they can access to interact with the monitoring programme results, with various filters. The ideal scenario would be a button we could configure ('view my records') that filtered solely based on their AGOL logon, without the need for the user to type it in or select it from a list. 
We have a workaround in place which requires us to anonymise users with a unique ID, and for the user to then select that ID from a dropdown. Users are anonymised for data protection purposes.

An alternative workaround would be to enable a filter where the user has to type in their username, but it does not form part of a drop down list and does not autocomplete, to protect the identity of other users. Is this currently supported?


We had a similar need arise this week for our City Marshal’s Office. They use survey 123 to log their patrolling activities and interactions with the public. The City Marshal would like his team to be able to review their own reports but not filter the dashboard to show any other single Marshal’s/Ranger’s data. 


I really need a feature like this to make ESRI dashboards usable for me. 

I have a large dataset that needs to be viewed on a dashboard by different users but it needs to be filtered such that certain users only see certain data. 

I understand that I could duplicate the dashboard, but then if I want to make a change to the dashboard later I would have to do it to each dashboard!!



ESRI, is there some other way??