Export point features to CSV in decimal degrees

09-25-2020 07:36 PM
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I've been working on several projects with City and County customers. All of them use decimal degrees (lat/long coordinates) to describe their point feature locations.

In the projects, I set up publicly accessible Web Apps with view-only access to the data.

Frequently these stakeholders need to export a subset of features in a layer (for example a single installation zone) and, for example, need to be able to look at those pieces of infrastructure on Google street view which only accepts lat/long coordinates. They may also use the data in other ways, but in any case have no clue what to do with the Esri Meters units.

My organization and stakeholders use almost exclusively ArcGIS Online with point feature layers and Esri's default basemaps. My customers are not GIS professionals, don't want to pay for licenses, and have no interest in learning anything but the basics of the AGOL Web Apps.

There are currently numerous ways to export point feature data:

Point feature export methodNumber of features exportedCoordinate unitsCredit costAGOL license requirementExport a subset (polygon) of the data
1. Layer item page > Export to CSVNo limitDDFreeYes, at least CreatorNo - all or nothing
2. Analysis > Extract DataNo limitDDYes, though minimalYes, at least CreatorYes
3. Web App Builder > Select Widget > Export to CSVNo limitEsri metersFreeNoYes
4. Web App Builder > Attribute Table > Options > Export (selected/all) to CSVmaxRecordCount, not all features have coords (see below)DDFreeNoYes (when used with Select tool or a filter)

I am looking for any of the above rows to be fully green

Option 3 is the most intuitive for my users.

Option 4's maxRecordCount limitation can be increased, but any features that were added to the layer after the initial upload (for example through Collector) have blanks in the CSV where the DD coordinates should be.

Searching the web, it looks like I'm not the only organization looking for an answer to this:

Export Point Feature Layer to CSV, and include latitude and longitude coordinate data. 

WAB attribute table widget - export to csv - xy coordinate unit configuration 

Export to .csv in Decimal Degrees 

If possible, I am also open to some workarounds that I can do as an administrator to achieve the desired result for my end users.

Thank you!