Display OGC WFS Data in ArcGIS Online by Types (Unique symbols) or Heat Map

09-19-2017 06:42 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

Currently OGC WFS data can only be displayed in ArcGIS Online by Location (Single symbol). In order to display OGC WFS data by Types (Unique symbols) or Heat Map they have to first be copied using the analysis tool "Extract Data" then published as a hosted feature layer. There are three issues with this:

1.) The analysis uses credits

2.) The process is manual and, while not onerous, is inefficient and prone to human error, especially during periods of high demand such as in emergencies.

3.) Most importantly, the users are now working with a static copy of the original data rather than a live dynamic feed coming straight from the source. Access to real-time data direct from the source is critical when working in emergencies.

ESRI can you open the door to ogc wfs just a little bit more and allow ArcGIS Online to display OGC WFS Data by Types (Unique symbols) or Heat Map?