Display item count in legend using ArcGIS Online web maps

07-22-2016 01:22 PM
Status: Open
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We would like to be able to display an item count in the legend while using ArcGIS Online Web maps.  If you change the style of a feature class you can see the COUNT column that displays how many of each item there are, but you can't force it to show in the legend.  ArcGIS Desktop already offers this feature, so the users are used to seeing it on printed maps.

Pic on left is Style options (with count) and legend is on right.

I might be able to do this in an app, but I need it to work in a web map so that collector can use the same map


Either or both options of count in layer and count in current view.


I like this one! I think it would be a great addition. 


Damon Eisenach‌ great screenshot. Just got asked to make this happen, which led me here. If anyone has any suggestions as to how to customize Legends in an agol webmap‌ so we can see how many features we have, I'd love to hear them.


Hi Adam

I have since found a webmap widget that can do this in a legend format.

Info Summary widget


It would still be a nice option to just turn on/off in the actual legend though.

Hope this helps.

I have also found you can do a lot of customization in ArcGIS Online Assistant if you know a bit of JSON

https://ago-assistant.esri.com/ (this tool seems to work best in google chrome rather than IE11)


Really appreciate you sharing this, Damon. Thank you!


this should be implemented.....


I feel this should be implemented - on the basis that ArcMap can do this already. I have groups who like that feature within the paper based maps they can get from ArcMap but i cannot replicate it for them to the same degree in AGOL or ArcGIS enterprise. 

As suggested above, the info summary tool is useful, but the groups I work with would prefer to not have to click a separate widget just to see a feature count. 


Need this! Are there any ways of doing this yet, years later?


YES!!  We need this.  It is now March 2022.  Any progress ESRI?  Hope so!


is there any idea how  to display count in legend?