Default Organizational Item Terms of Use

3 weeks ago
Status: Open
New Contributor II

I would like for my organization to have the ability to place a default 'Terms of Use' on any new item created within the organization.

A place in the organization's settings screen to add a custom block of text that would be inserted in the 'Terms of Use' as the default when a person creates a new item in AGO, within my organization. Otherwise, I have to train each user to find and copy the block of text from my lawyer each time they create a public map. It ends up being inconsistent most of the time.


Of course after I posted this I found a similar, but less specific feature request.


Unfortunately some good ideas, that really should be a no brainer, get suggested then ignored until they are very old. 

This idea is a no brainer and should be a part of the Organization Default Settings.

We use just such a legal disclaimer.