Default Organizational Item Terms of Use

05-24-2021 12:28 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

I would like for my organization to have the ability to place a default 'Terms of Use' on any new item created within the organization.

A place in the organization's settings screen to add a custom block of text that would be inserted in the 'Terms of Use' as the default when a person creates a new item in AGO, within my organization. Otherwise, I have to train each user to find and copy the block of text from my lawyer each time they create a public map. It ends up being inconsistent most of the time.


Of course after I posted this I found a similar, but less specific feature request.


Unfortunately some good ideas, that really should be a no brainer, get suggested then ignored until they are very old. 

This idea is a no brainer and should be a part of the Organization Default Settings.

We use just such a legal disclaimer. 


Big yes to this one, plus the option to set default Credits for new items. The number of times I have to copy and paste, well, it's not good.


Yes! I would love this. Not only to keep things consistent but just for ease of use. It would be one less thing to have to worry about when creating new items.


It would be even better if you could customize the verbiage per item type - e.g. for data, "This data is for reference only..." and for apps, "This application is for reference only..." etc.