AGO item details - default values

04-11-2016 11:32 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

As an organization we'd like to ensure that our AGO users include standard license and disclaimer statements in the Access and Use Constraints of the item details for AGO content.  Rather than directing users to copy and paste these standard statements, it would be more efficient if we were able to assign default values to these fields.  Please add the ability for an admin (could be an assignable privilege) to populate default values for item details such as "Access and Use Constraints".

Would save a lot of time ;)

Meanwhile you could have a look at Admin Tools for ArcGIS online


Admin Tools for ArcGIS online will let you update the Access and Use Constraints.  However you will need to buy the full version to be able to export the items schema, make the mass update to the Access and Disclaimer field and then "import" the edited csv file. Basically it is a pull and push operation. I like this tool created by Geo Jobe.