Default Basemap - Update with Changes

06-18-2020 10:21 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor II

When you choose a default basemap in your organization settings, it will forever only use the services that the basemap had at the time you set the default basemap. If you were to ever update that basemap by changing a service inside of it, the default basemap will not detect this change. If you want the default basemap to update, you need to switch it to a different basemap, then switch it back to the original for the default basemap to reflect the change you made. 


  • 1/1/2020: Web map created and shared as basemap. Titled "Summer Recreation", the web map is using a service called "Summer_tiles_01012020"
  • I then select the basemap "Summer Recreation" to be my organization's default basemap
  • 1/15/2020: I update the basemap, "Summer Recreation", by changing the service used to "Summer_tiles_01152020
  • If anybody makes a new web map after this point, the default basemap is still using the old service, "Summer_tiles_01012020" instead of the updated version of the basemap using "Summer_tiles_01152020".

I would like the default basemap to stay in sync with the basemap it is using.