Create a widget in 3D WAB for the new interactive Slice tool

12-14-2018 08:48 AM
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The new slice tool that came out in the latest AGO update is a great way to explore 3D data. I work with a lot of projects where Terrestrial Lidar Data has been capture for the inside and outside of structures and this tool provides a way of showing users both of these. 

However, the tool is difficult to direct a user to and if the Scene is being displayed in a web app you seemingly can't use this tool at all. It would be great if there was a widget created for the slice tool so i could display my 3D data in a web app and have users interactively explore using the slice tool. 

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Benjamin Mittler‌ have you seen What's New in ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.10 (December 2018) 

It points to a new Slice widget that sounds like just what you're looking for if I'm not mistaken Slice | API Reference | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.10 

Let us know.


Correct me if i'm wrong here, in order to take advantage of that slice widget I would need to recreate my app in Sceneview?


That is correct. The Slice Widget only works in 3D SceneViews. But if your app is displaying 3D data, I'd assume you would want to work with a SceneView anyway.

Edit: Are you working with Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, or the ArcGIS API for JavaScript?


This idea is for Esri to create a widget in web appbuilder with this functionality, not for the OP to do so.  is this on the roadmap for the WAB team?


I'd like to push this...we work a lot with 3D underground facilities (IFC, Revit) and _love_ the slicing tool in the default scene viewer. Unfortunately, there's still no option in the Web App Builder to use this tool, right? Such a shame...we'd love the more customizable view of shared scenes in the WAB.


Same here: Please add to slice tool to the 3d Widgets for usage in Arcgis-Online 3D-WebApps!

We Slicing trough Bim-Models or just to get 3D-Profiles in 3D-Scenes is a great benefit to our Users!


If esri and autodesk are serious about enabling us to visualize constructions along with gis/geological data, enabling this tool in the web app builder is crucial.