Convert Graphics to Layers in Arc Pro

06-15-2021 07:42 AM
Status: Open
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I know this idea is been posted already and even "resolved", but still when creating a Graphics Layer (which is great by the way) and then inserting a Note (kind of confusing to me) does not equals to  ArcMap's functionality. I am on the process of migrating from ArcMap to Arc Pro and this is one of the features that keeps me going back and forth from Pro to ArcMap, I constantly use the Drawing  function on ArcMap since this allows  me to create a polygon, point, or line then convert into feature which allows me to add fields to my feature fast, simple, and easy. I tried this on Pro by creating a Graphics Layer and then adding Notes as recommended on  this post, however Notes doesn't allows me to create new fields and the layer is not actually a feature.  Please ESRI consider adding this simple but time saving feature to Pro.


This suggestion is supposedly "solved" since it was apparently included in the ArcGIS Pro Roadmap in 2019 (per links in this post). However, the current roadmap (found here) no longer includes graphics (i.e. "Convert Features to Graphics" nor vice versa in it), and it has not been added to ArcGIS Pro as of yet (not that I can find).

I think this is a functionality that has been requested to be added to ArcGIS Pro for years and is still sorely needed.


I second the comments above. The option to easily create my own features via the Drawing toolbar is something I did/do use a lot in fire modeling. I am in the throes of switching to ArcGIS Pro and I'm working with our GIS folks to be sure I'm not missing something that seems to me to be so simple. It isn't simple or nearly as functional anymore. For me, as with Wendy above, I go back and forth between ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro because it's a LOT LOT LOT easier and more functional in ArcMap. The 'Add Graphics' feature is clunky and still doesn't really do the job. Please consider making the Drawing toolbar functions a part of ArcGIS Pro...I'm sure you keep in mind that for ever comment posted here there are hundreds of others who have a similar issue and never get around to posting. Thanks!