Consistent handling of symbology in map viewer

09-01-2021 01:52 PM
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Ok - so there are a number of ideas whinging about hatching symbology in services - and I have upvoted them all but there are all years old now so I'm going to give this another go.  Also I think this is slightly different.

Here's the saga:

I have a map service published to portal (not hosted). Some of the layers are from an enterprise geodatabase and some from a file geodatabase. The layers in question here are from the file geodatabase. I'm using the service in AGOL.

I have 2 hatched layers - one was cross hatched - so the symbology consisted of two hatching symbology layers going in opposite directions.  When I published the service to portal this layer came through as a solid colour. After a little research I took one of the symbology hatch layers off so now just like the below. Republished the service and the symbology came through.  Well it came through after having to re-add the service to my map viewer again - the original service didn't change.  Oh well - reordered my fields again and carried on.


I have another layer with a solid colour with a hatch over the top - see below. It came through in the service just fine. So... what?  This has 2 symbology layers as well - one solid, one hatched so... the solid makes a difference?  Only then I decided to label this layer.  Yes I know - can do that in the map viewer but I didn't think of that and anyway you can do better labelling in pro. Republished the service.  Suddenly the solid colour is missing. I noticed that change came through in the service without me having to add it into my map viewer again.  So now labels make a difference?  Took the labels off and republished - all good again except I had to add the service into my map viewer again to get that to come through and... reorder my fields... again....


Some consistency around how symbology is handled would be fantastic.  I mean obviously hatching can be done in services - it just depends on how you hold your tongue.

I may have said this before but... this makes a lot of extra work for the kitchen maids....

(Has anyone read The Ordinary Princess? - great book, my fav as a kid - get it for your girls).


Update:  the solid background has fallen off the symbols - I think since I turned labelling on in the map view.  It was just pretending before.  I give up....

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Very informative saga on symbology. Good work. I just need this symbology (see below) to remain in my hosted app and not go to all grey hatching;