Configuration file for "Location Profile" in Collector

01-29-2019 01:46 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

We are a water utility using EOS Arrow Gold GPS units with iPads and Collector. We have 5 GPS units being shared by approximately 25 field staff. Each staff member has their own AGOL account and we want each user to log in with their own account so that we can track who made changes to the data.

The downside of having each user log in to Collector (versus creating a shared Collector user account) is that a “Location Profile” needs to be configured for each user account. In our case, we configure two locations profiles – one for RTK and one for SBAS. The issue is that any time there is an update to the Collector app, iOS, or the EOS firmware, these profiles vanish and need to be recreated. Currently, each user needs to visit the GIS Administrator and log in to each of the 5 devices (because passwords are not shared) and then the GIS Administrator can add the two (2) location profiles for that user on all five (5) iPads running Collector. 

We would love to have a single config file for the "Location Profile" that can be saved to our AGOL account and share it with everyone. This way, users can log in to their accounts and load the config file on their own. Better yet, it would be great if Collector automatically looks for a config file in our organizational items (perhaps by a specific name of the file?) and let Collector load it in the background. Another option could be to save the configuration file to the iPad "Files" app and allow Collector to access it from there.

Thank you!