Check "Delete Protection" by default

08-26-2014 11:04 AM
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AGO is the main platform we are working on, and most of our web-maps/web-apps need to be protected from accidently delete. Now we have to check the "Delete Protection" manually, which is ted
ious and also easy to be forgotten. So do you think it makes sense to check the "Delete-Protection: Prevent this item from being accidentally deleted." by default?

Thank you


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and maybe this could be an option that is set organization wide by the administrator.
by Anonymous User

In addition to this, it would be nice to enable/disable "Delete Protection" for multiple web maps at once. 


Hi, a good idea, but I think I'd prefer to have the ability to apply / remove delete protection to multiple items at once rather than automatically add this protection. Otherwise it could be a slow process to delete items during an AGOL 'clean up' of unwanted or obsolete items.


1. These settings should be definable during the Add Item process. This would negate burrowing into the Item Details after loading data.

2. The My Contents listing should have an icon to notify the user of delete protection. This alleviates the user from attempting to delete, only get that operation knocked back by protection. More importantly, it provides delete protection status at a glance.


Are administrators prevented (prompted) from deleting something if delete protection is enabled?


Interesting idea... I've seen the other side where users are frustrated by not being able to delete an item.  I think it should remain an option to toggle (not default to delete protected).  But perhaps when the item is created there could be a prompt/option to delete protect immediately, or delete protect later.


Hi Bill,

I think any user, regardless of role, is prevented from deleting accidentally i.e. everyone is subject to the delete protection in the same way.


Yes!  This would be very helpful.  Also for feature layers to.


Enabled by default across the organization just makes sense. I mean, who thinks "It's okay if I accidentally delete stuff." Nobody, that's who. 😉 🙂