Change Symbology of Infographic Widget Highlight Symbology

06-28-2017 05:55 AM
Status: Open
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In the NEW WAB Dashboard Theme are Infographic widgets. These widgets have interactive charts that allow the user to mouse over the chart segments and the related features on the map to highlight accordingly. Great feature BUT... currently the highlight symbology defaults to the faint Esri teal outline while at the same time turning the fill of the polygon's hallow, thus creating an almost un-selected/highlighted appearance. Polygons on a map when highlighted to make them stand out should most definitely NEVER have their fill turned hallow... they essentially disappear and make all the other features pop more. Quite the opposite effect.

Adding the ability to control the highlighting symbology effect would be a significant improvement here.

Otherwise great work on this theme!


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Somewhat related requests:

1) It would be cool if you could make a selection (possibly appear in the layer attribute table) by interactively clicking on the chart segments.  

2) It would be really nice if the color symbology of the Pie Chart Infographic (and any other ones with colors) could automatically match the web map layer symbology, if the same attribute is used for both. Right now, the pie chart color symbology doesn't even stay consistent as you zoom in/out and the category field visibilities change.