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09-26-2018 06:58 PM
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Hi from sunny Australia,

We have a lot of clients that love the idea of ArcGIS Online but can't use it due to data sovereignty issues. It would be great if an organisation could choose the storage region(s) that applies to them.

This would prove a great intermediate step for clients that see hosted ArcGIS Enterprise deployments or internal ArcGIS Enterprise solutions as cost prohibitive.


Perhaps this AWS, cloud-hosted managed services solution could be of interest as a cost-saving solution. http://www.geo-jobe.com/geopowered-cloud/managed-services/ 


Different username, same person. Is there any chance that will happen? We are looking at our strategy moving forward for global sites and AGOL would be a great deployment option if we could have this, even as a premium choice.

Or is  there any work to have AGOL itself regionalised?

@PaulBarker are you still on the AGOL team? Can you share this please?




Turns out this might be solved already 🙂

FAQ—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation


As at June 2023, this is still not solved.  This is becoming increasingly problematic as Australia has a strengthening focus on sovereign security, specifically the government has indicated that there will be further legislative work towards data localisation soon.

At present the offering is (FAQ—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation😞

An organization's regional data hosting location is selected when the organization is purchased and cannot be changed after purchase. Location options include the United States, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. The regional data hosting location is displayed on the Overview tab of the organization page.

The Asia-Pacific Region is outlined in the ArcGIS Online Cloud Security Alliance Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire (ArcGIS Online Cloud Security Alliance Answers (esri.com)

AWS Primary: ap-southeast-2 (Sydney)

AWS Failover: ap-southeast-1 (Singapore),

Azure Primary: Australia East;

Azure Failover: Australia Southeast


Recommendation 1: Given the above, if clients could select APAC - Azure only, then we would be wholly within Australia.  However, we only get the choice of region, which appears to prefer AWS, thus leaving us with a Singaporean Failover, therefore not completely retaining Australian Sovereignty.  

Recommendation 2: Alternatively, AWS have recently launched a Melbourne Availability Zone 3, that if utilised as the Fail-over, could completely bring this into Australian Sovereignty regardless of AWS or Azure.  

Could ESRI please consider one of these options to address data localisation, so that we can grow our usage of AGOL in the Australian Region.