Auto-size/Customize width of map popups

11-04-2011 05:58 AM
Status: Open
Esri Frequent Contributor

When longer field/alias names are user they do not work very well since the pop-ups are a fixed size.  Can the pop-ups be auto-sized to ensure the entire field name AND the values are visible?


I agree with both of the requests above.
In general we need to be able to format the pop-ups to match the data - and easily create tables and other alignments to make the data presentation easier to read..

any headway on this?

I agree, it's hard to see why this hasn't been incorporated yet.

Agree - this would be super helpful.

Owen Evans‌ Owen Evans Any word on this? Is this being worked on? I assume not since the post is 6 years old now.

There is a significant project underway to rework pop-ups that should roll out sometime in 2018.

Thank you!

Great idea and should flow through to Portal for ArcGIS as well. It is also frustrating that the pop-up is currently unmovable and often covers the feature being looked at.

OGL  Owen ... do you know if this is related to the web map rework that will also support group layers in AGO web maps?  thx

This is really necessary to create professional presentation that is unique and engaging.  One size does not fit all!