Auto-Save ArcGIS Online Maps

02-28-2018 12:15 PM
Status: Open
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Ever make a bunch of edits to a map in ArcGIS Online, only for an errant mouse-click to navigate your browser to a new page before you can save edits, and you lose all your recent changes?  Well I just did.  (Again.)

Simple idea - have AGOL auto-save edits being made to a map.

Alternative idea - before navigating away from an AGOL map, have a browser pop up that verifies whether you really intend to leave the page.  I've seen this "Are you sure you want to navigate away from this page?" pop up on other websites.  It'd be an easy stopgap against sloppy mouse clicks.


I would prefer your alternative idea of a warning before navigating away from the page until there's an undo option available in AGO. I've accidentally deleted customized layers that I only got back by navigating away without saving and then opening the map back up. I would have lost them if the map was autosaving.

by Anonymous User

Great idea! I agree with Chelsea, have the warning. Unless there is an Undo, otherwise it may inadvertently save something you actually don't want to save.  Autosave+Undo would do the trick though, along with the warning.


problem i'm having is the browser can crash and then you lose everything. why not just autosave as a separate version that can be recovered?

Main Map and Main Map (autosave)

That solves both problems.


If this was an option you could voluntarily turn on and off (perhaps on each webmap), it would be nice. I have lots of  webmaps in AGO and wouldn't want them to all have duplicates automatically.  Also, there would need to be the option of overwriting the broken webmap with the backup version so you can keep the same map id and not have to keep changing it in all your applications.


I'll admit there's been a few times I've accidentally closed out my browser when I wish I would have saved changes to my map. A browser add-in might help.


New Map Viewer gives a warning when you have unsaved changes and try to navigate away or close the page.