ArcGIS Online - Shared domain editing

12-11-2018 08:21 AM
Status: Open
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Shared domains - a domain shared between multiple fields can only be edited for a single field in ArcGIS online. It would be nice to provide the ability to edit a domain (with coded values) once, and let the changes cascade through to all the fields that use that same domain.

The same functionality can be implemented to enhance The ArcGIS Solution Deployment Tool and eliminate the need to edit the same domain separately for each of the fields where it is used - a very cumbersome process.

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I second this, some of our data uses a couple of domains across multiple layers - and it would be great to have some domain management tools that allow an AGOL subscriber to edit and apply domains to data in the AGOL DataStore - especially across multiple layers that may collect data in fields that have the same information.