ArcGIS Online Printable Popups(Webmaps and/or Web Apps)

12-19-2016 04:12 PM
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Popups within Web maps and web apps are extremely customizable and can be great for creating reports...However there is no way to print or export their contents! This seems like a basic feature that was either over looked or purposefully left out. I don't think it's technically difficult to implement. The only workflow that looks feasible right now requires the use of ArcGIS Server.

The ideal solution(in my mind) would be to add a "print" function at the bottom of the popup that would print the contents with formatting intact)

Popup Print Funtion


This should be included with Out-Of-The-Box Web AppBuilder functionality.

That's usually one of the first questions I get when presenting Web AppBuilder applications to our staff.

Çankaya Belediyesi asked about this previously and reply covers in great detail for custom coding.

Printing Popup Contents 

by Anonymous User


Would you want the print out to have the same look and feel as the pop-up in the web map or web app or would it be preferable to get the information from the pop-up in a printable table?

Would being able to print the attribute table satisfy your needs or would you like the customization done in the pop-up to come through in the print out?

Are you more interested in just printing the information from one pop-up or are you looking for a report or print out of the information from multiple pop-ups?


Yes, the report should have the same look and feel as the popup presents.

A nice print table button, an export to CSV button and e-mail button

Example of clicking on a parcel now just takes the x/y and the popup displays 1 of # to view.

It should take the geometry of the parcel (and offer to buffer it +/- number of feet) and overlap it with all the layers in the map.

A typical report could look like this:

Parcel Number:         12345603ST

Flood Control Districts






Census Tract   4987

Block Group      54654

Owner   Smith John A

Address    1234 Main Street

City Limits   Redlands

State           CA

Building Permit



Assessed Value   656464646

Home Owner Exemption   7000

Senate District   Jones

Election Polling Place   Fire Station 2

Soil Type   Sandy



I completely agree - this should be out of the box functionality for WAB and all other AGOL web apps and web maps.  There should be a "Print" button on the bottom edge of the pop-up window.



My suggestions:

  • just print the contents of one pop-up (in case there are several features selected)
  • by default just print the contents of the pop-up in a simple table, perhaps the layer name could be the title for the table:


  • optionally, allow me to configure the print lay-out for the pop-up data in the web map 



I have been looking for this type of functionality as well.  Has anyone tried using Arcade expressions to write a print function?


There is a related post here The Screening widget works for printing pop-up contents with one minor problem. The widget doesn't like image/graphics fields. So if you don't have those fields or don't need to print them out, you may be able to use that. 


It also fails to capture fields written as Arcade expressions in the pop-up -- these export as empty fields. Otherwise it almost works!