AGOL Web App Builder selected feature Pop up information printing

Idea created by spoladian on Mar 4, 2016

    Our organization is using ArcGIS Online (AGOL) for our public land data resource, displaying a web map that has customized pop ups and is consumed into web app builder to configure various searches and queries. This shared web application allows our citizens to view property information within our city. Previously the product we used for this public tool allowed users to print maps with legends/north arrows and selected attribute information.

    Our Citizens still have the need to create printed maps detailing selected features and associated table / pop up data.  It seems that when you go to print a map in the Online Map Viewer or Print Widget from web app builder it sends you to a generic layout with no functionality to display attribute information.  And the layout of the printed maps from the Online Map Service leaves much to be desired.


    As it stands, the Print button in the map viewer and the print widget in web app builder is not very useful.  It shows a pretty picture of the map service view extent, but there is a need to display more information if desired.  

    There should be a Print Layout Editor in the Online Map Viewer and the print widget in web app builder, where a user could add selected feature attribute information, or at the least give the users the ability to print the pop up contents in all browsers not just Google Chrome using the “simplified page” option.

    Thank you,

    Steve Poladian
    Associate Programmer Analyst-GIS Applications
    City of Cape Coral, ITS Dept.