ArcGIS Online/Portal View Item as User Option

12-12-2018 05:40 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

Within our ArcGIS Organization (for both Online and Enterprise), I would like to see a "View as User" option.

Currently, the only way to troubleshoot issues users are reporting is to either create a temporary account with the exact same permissions as the user, or to ask the user for their password so I can sign in as them to troubleshoot the issue.

I propose that for administrators of the organization, there is a button something like "View as User" or "View Item as User" and we can select the user who we want to view the item as. This will greatly decrease the amount of time it takes me to troubleshoot issues people report.

An example use case:

Someone in the field calls and reports layers in the web map aren't working. I view the web map logged in as me (administrator), but it works for me because I am an administrator. Instead of creating a test account or asking for their password, I would like to be able to view the web map as a specific user so I can better and more quickly troubleshoot the issue.


This would be a great tool.  Please implement this!!


Critical for troubleshooting and security reviews


It would be great to see this in a future release. Paying extra to have a troubleshooting account or inconveniencing  someone to get a hold of their account is not efficient.