ArcGIS Online / Portal support for maps & datasets that cross 180°

11-27-2019 04:57 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

In New Zealand, many of our maps and national datasets cross the 180° line. Several functionalities in ArcGIS Online / Portal do not support this and give incorrect results.

  • Can’t save data extents that cross 180° line - searching datasets by location gives incorrect results
  • Can’t save map extents that cross 180° line – effects usability
  • Filter by extent in operations dashboard gives incorrect result when crossing 180° (also no error message/warning when this occurs)
  • 'Zoom to' in operations dashboard gives incorrect result

It would be great if this could be taken into account in future development in the ArcGIS Online / Portal space.


Please see also this idea - the same problem as reported in 2016, and combine up the votes upwards from both!


Frankly this is a ridiculous situation that you cannot recentre a map properly and that it has been a problem for so long. It makes any mapping of the Pacific more or less unusable.