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ArcGIS Online Popups Support HTML5 syntax like CSS

10-26-2017 01:29 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

I was trying to create a table in an ArcGIS Online popup and found some enhancement opportunities. What I could not get to work was changing the row colors so either the odd or even rows would be a light gray using some css and a style tag. When I tried to incorporate a style tag with some css I got some weird results. When I would identify a feature the contents pane would change, so this led me to believe that css was not supported. So I tried doing this via straight html using the bgcolor parameter on every other <tr></tr> tag. Hit another wall because while this method works in a web map it does not translate in a web app because bgcolor is not supported in HTML5. What I would like to purpose is the ability to use HTML5 syntax within a popup so we can leverage CSS within the web map feature layer popup.

``` Works but no different color rows

<table border="1" style="width:100%">
<td align="center"><b>Parcel ID</b></td>
<td align="center">{PIN}</td>
<td align="center"><b>Address</b></td>
<td align="center">{Location}</td>
<td align="center"><b>Acres</b></td>
<td align="center">{ACRES}</td>
<td align="center"><b>Owner 1</b></td>
<td align="center">{OWNER}</td>


```Enhancement Request

<style type="text/css"> tr.d0 td {      background-color: #d8d4d4; color: black; } tr.d1 td {      background-color: #ffffff; color: black; } </style> <table> <tr class="d0"><td>Parcel ID</td><td>{PIN}</td></tr> <tr class="d1"><td>Address</td><td>{LOCATION}</td></tr> <tr class="d0"><td>Acres</td><td>{ACRES}</td></tr> <tr class="d1"><td>Owner</td><td>{Owner}</td></tr> </table>