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ArcGIS Online - Order Popups same as Legend

11-02-2012 03:01 PM
Status: Implemented
New Contributor III

When you have overlapping map layers that have popups, there is a bar at the top that allows you to toggle to the next layer.  0EME0000000TTcH

But there is no way to control the order of which popup is displayed first.  Please give control to this, or make popup come up in the same order as the legend.


It is not normal that it is still not implemented. Our users need to have the same order as the legend and the same order as the attribute table. For example we have different points superimposed with a year value : 2019, 2018 and 2017. When we click on a point sometimes 2017 appears first, sometimes 2019. This is not understandable for our users.


Totally agree.  I have a few comments in a poll I created awhile ago.  Below is the link, hopefully it helps convince ESRI to tackle this sooner than later.


I find it very frustrating that this is how popups behave. It is confusing for users to sometimes have to click the next arrow button and sometimes not have to click it to see the information of a particular layer. Users, especially the more novice ones, need a consistent experience when navigating an app. If we want to use and promote ArcGIS Online maps and apps we need to be able to cater to our users and not confuse them. Consistent popup order seems like basic functionality. Why has Esri not yet done anything with this in the nearly SEVEN years since this Idea was added?


So since this was written 7 years ago, we should see it in the next release, right?  right?  right.........?  We will wait here for a reply.


Come on ESRI, why can't this issue be fixed? 


Seems like it would be trivial to create the pop, provide a "retrieving..." message, wait for all AJAX/XMLHttpRequess to return, and then populate the results in the pop-up in the order they appear in the TOC. Slap a timeout in there of 5 seconds so that slow or unresponsive servers get ignored and then added to the end of the popup list if they do respond eventually.

It's 2020, I noticed that this Idea is "REVIEWED", which is promising, right?


This functionality would be extremely useful, and very appreciated!  Please!!! consider adding this functionality in a future upgrade.  Thank you!!!


Agreed, it is very confusing to the user when they click on what appears to be the focal layer of the map, and instead it returns the "background" information/layers. Even worse is it's inconsistent! Hope this functionality can be added. Thank you.


Having no way to control the order is making it nearly impossible to craft a consistent narrative through popups. I was pretty surprised to discover this limitation.


I agree with everything said here so far. In my case, I have a map with a Public Land Survey System grid underlying the main focus of the map (rights of way). While I still want the PLSS information to be viewable as a pop-up, the rights of way lines should definitely take precedence. It's frustrating because with a continuous dataset like the PLSS layer, there will always be multiple features with pop-ups when selecting a right of way, so this isn't just an occasional problem in "busy" areas of the map. The PLSS is also a much simpler layer, so if it is true that popup order is determined by speed, I think the less important layer will always display first in my case.

Beyond my particular case, it seems like the simpler layers that would generate their pop-ups faster would often be background or supporting layers, so it seems more likely than not that the order based on speed would be sub-optimal.