ArcGIS Online: 'IN' Filter Operation

12-22-2014 11:32 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

ArcGIS Online layers can be filtered using a number of operators, including IS, IS NOT, STARTS WITH, ENDS WITH, CONTAINS, DOES NOT CONTAIN.

I propose this be expanded to include an 'IN' operator. Using an in operator for an experssion like the following: "FeatureID" IS IN ["feature1","feature3","feature6","feature7","feature12", etc.] would be much more simple than creating individual expressions for each "FeatureID" and then requiring the layer to match "All" of the following expressions.

This is sorely needed in the user interface for filtering. Only being able to filter on All or Any criteria isn't all that useful. I'd like my clients to be able to have two fields to filter off of and be able to specify values for both fields or just one field (the other field is left blank or turned off, accepting any value).

For example, my fields could be Status and Year. A user could filter Status = Active and Year = 2014 showing all Active 2014 features. However, they would also have the option is just selecting a value for Status and leaving Year blank, which would show all Active features from all years. Something like this or the ability to use the IN operator would satisfy my needs. As it exists right now, without this kind of capability, ArcGIS simply is not worth the money I am paying for it.

IN would be a great addition. And please make the list of operators the same across all field types with or without domains. There is no reason to remove CONTAINS, Does NOT CONTAIN, BEGINS WITH, and ENDS WITH in map viewer filtering for numeric fields and text fields with domains.


if this were added I would actually use dashboard.... asking a user to enable 50+ filters is too much. if we could use 1 filter for 50+ layers that would be something useful. +1 for idea