Animations on Web Maps

12-19-2018 09:45 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

Certain web mapping companies allow for animations on their web maps

(for example on google maps you can have a pulsating point feature). this really grabs the users attention and is a nice bonus to allow important features to stand out. 

Would be great if ESRI could follow suit on this.


Create an animated GIF.

In your feature class properties under the selection tab specify to use a given Symbol. Select your GIF as your symbol.

Recommend keeping the number of animations down to only a few.  You will need a place to host your GIF as I do it as your database will not support it. 


this is extremely limiting and only offers a poor workaround, Esri doesn't host gifs so I would need a 2nd hosting solution. Yes, there are free ones out there but I will no have control if the links get changed or not over time breaking the map symbols.

My idea suggestion is to fully implement animations as part of the web mapping solution. If using GIF's is the only supported way then ESRI should integrate GIF file types as allowable files to upload.