Animate View Along Path in Web Scenes

07-17-2019 12:44 PM
Status: Open
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Given the direction that hopefully Esri is going in, I thought it would be nice if it would be possible to have a first person point of view/camera that would move along a given path facing any set direction. I don't know if this could be made possible sometime down the road but just thought to mention it.



Hi Robert,

Could you give us some more background on your request? So what is the exact use case?What kind of scene do you have and what is the goal of the animation?

Some more follow up questions:

When you say "a first person point of view/camera that would move along a given path", how would you want to define that path? points along the path, or do you have a line feature you would want to use? You also mentioned "facing any set direction" is that something like "look to the right" or "keep look at this point"?




Hi Janett,

I would like to define the path based on a line segment(s), and/or a point

or points. The use case is I have a model where I want to be able to add

points and/or a line segment(s) which would allow for the user to look

around based with a first person point of view. I want to be able to also

have a defined path that the user could click on and have the point of view

follow the path while also allowing the user to look around while moving

along the path. I would like to also be able to set the direction in which

the camera could face while also moving along the line segment. Another

thing I'm looking to add is to set the camera facing angle/point of view to

a locked focal point while moving along the line segment. Any of these

additions added online would be greatly appreciated. I'm still working on

the model but I would like to have these capabilities added.




Hi Robert, 

ArcGIS Earth supports to animate view along path through Line of Sight and Viewshed. You can have a try. Interactive analysis—ArcGIS Earth | Documentation 




Thanks Xuewen.

I was looking to see if it could be done with local scenes. Or if not, if it could be in ArcGIS Online in some manner using other applications.