Allow Users to Change Content Ownership without the View All Content Privilege Enabled

08-01-2018 01:59 PM
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A useful enhancement would be to allow a user to reassign their own content without requiring the permission to see the content of other users. If the "View all" content administrative privilege is not enabled in a custom publisher role, the user will not be able to reassign the ownership of their content to another folder. In our organization, there is private and confidential data that should not be visible to the entire organization.  Users sometimes need to transfer ownership of their items to another folder without viewing the content of the entire organization. Currently, the "View all" parameter under the Content portion of the Administrative Privilege section, must be enabled to reassign ownership of an item. 


Great idea... perhaps if there was a new "item management" privilege that would allow item owners to assign the privilege to certain members for certain items (maybe at a group level?).  We have many members asking for the ability to co-manage items/data for their business areas.   We are a large organization and would prefer that admins did not have to change ownership of content on behalf of members - and we do not want to enable the admin privilege for all members to view all content.  Please also consider the nuances of items shared to groups with "members can update all content" enabled - as this causes problems even for admins when changing ownership (i.e. admin must join said group to remove the items from the group before the items can be transferred to a new owner, and then the admin must add the items back to the group)

USFWS has over 500 end users of ArcGIS Online that regularly need to transfer their data without an administrator assisting them.  They often need this ability to work on emergency-related incidents (e.g. wildland fire or hurricane response). The current system imposes reliance on an administrator during regular business hours, impacting our projects and use of ArcGIS Online. 
The Service requests this enhancement to improve efficiency; the current configuration creates a frequent and undue burden on limited administrator resources.

We really need this enhancement as well. I have tried giving users the 'reassign ownership' privilege but it forces the user to be able to see all the content in the organisation. We can not allow users to see 'all' content in the organisation because various projects have Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA's) which are legally binding agreements to keep data secure and accessible only to those that sign the NDA's. There is also a bug BUG-000122460 that means that if you try and untick the 'see all data' privilidge, the ability to reassign ownerhsip still shows the change owner link but the link does actually work. 


This is logged with Esri Technical Support as #ENH-000105324 [Enhancement] Allow users to have the ability to transfer ownership of only items and groups that they currently own. and we were told it was to be in the ArcGIS Online 7.2 release, last night. We're now told that it was not included in this release, and is not currently scheduled for a future release, although the status is "In Product Plan."


Hi Kelly Gerrow‌ and Katie Cullen, does Esri need more information from clients to move this forward?  This "enhancement" is becoming more and more important to enable our users to be more self sufficient and take the heat of admins for transferring content between users.  Thanks


Hi Meg,

We are still working on this but don't have a specific release planned for it. Will update you once we have a firm plan ahead.



Kelly Gerrow‌, are you still tracking this issue?

We're interested to know what happened to it, as we have a very strong need for it.

On 11/12 our TAM reported: ENH-000105324 (submitted 05/22/2017) – Dev has looked into the issue and has plan to fix it. However, there is no timeline that we could provide.


Hi Paul,

This is status is still correct. I'll report back with an update when I have one.



Hi Kelly Gerrow,

Our use case is stated above in the comments; if additional detail or information would be useful, please let me know.

In the past we've had somewhat extensive communications with two TAMs and an SE on this issue.

We were told on 05/22/2019 that it was targeted for implementation at the 7.2 (June) release. When it was not implemented we were told "However, that has not been the case. In product plan means they are considering it and as mentioned by the Dev they do not have a timeline when this will be addressed."

I was more recently told by our account manager that Esri will not provide target versions or timelines for implementation of bug fixes or enhancement requests prior to implementation in a released product.

If, however, you do have any information as to if and when this might again be targeted for implementation that would be helpful. Otherwise, we'll continue to communicate the above to our users.

Thanks for your reply,



This is also still an important capability that we need.   We need to enable users to change ownership of content without needing to see all content.

Perhaps owners could have a setting that "allows" any users to change an items ownership.  Or maybe something like the ability to designate specific  users (without the need for admin to control this). 

Our organization is large and has many Business Units.  Members of each Business Unit should be able to manage content of users who belong to the business unit.  Currently this workload of transferring content between users is on the shoulders of admin.  As the AGO user community grows in our org - the work requiring transferring content between users increases/becomes more common.