Allow Use of Shared Items in Vector Tile Style Editor

03-15-2022 04:46 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor II


Users should be able to access shared tile layers in Vector Tile Style Editor(VTSE). Currently you are only able to access ESRI curated basemaps and tile layers in your own content. You should also have the ability to access shared tile layers in your organization and arcgis online as a whole through a search bar.


My Specific Use Case:

As an administrator in my ArcGIS Online organization, I should have access to all user content but this is not the case using VTSE. In VTSE you only have to access to tile layers in your signed in user's content. Even with items you can't do an overwrite save on, you could still allow a "save as" to make a copy of the tile layer style you just made.

As an admin I have to change the owner of the item to my signed-in account to use it in VTSE. For non-administrators too you should really just be able to access any tile layer item that you have viewing access to.