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Allow to switch between full model and overview for building scene layers from online

04-19-2022 04:53 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

I would like to switch between 'Overview' and 'Full Model' for my hosted building scene layers. This can easily be done in ArcGIS pro with the radio buttons:


And by code in javascript;

buildingLayer.sublayers.forEach((layer) => {  
switch (layer.modelName) {

case "FullModel":

layer.visible = true;


case "Overview":

layer.visible = false;



But this can't be done from a scene viewer in ArcGIS online. For complex scenes with many BIM models, changing this in ArcGIS Pro or Javascript can be tedious and time consuming.

I would like to propose this as a new feature for ArcGIS Online.

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Using the building explorer widget in Scene Viewer switches from Overview shell of the BSL to the detailed view. This can only be used on one Building at a time currently bc of the detail view of the BSL having multiple active could cause some browser stability issues.