Allow Default Value to be removed or changed in Hosted Feature Service Field View

11-01-2019 10:09 AM
Status: Open
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At this time, if you set up a Default Value for a field upon creation of a Hosted Feature Service, you have to delete and re-create the field to remove the default value.

Please allow the functionality to re-configure the Default Value of a field post hoc.


I agree.  The default field value should be editable.

I'd classify this as a bug and not a feature enhancement.

Is there any workaround that can be used now?


Hi @RichSikon were you able to find a workaround?


Hi @BrittanyBurson my Case #02736976 has ben classified as a defect and is attached to the enhancement ENH-000137389

The workaround is to access the REST interface as the admin.  I haven't tried this yet but examining the json code I can see that there are multiple places where the default appears and it would need to be changed everywhere it appears.

Here is the workaround I was given: