Allow Audio Hosting in AGOL

12-14-2018 08:33 AM
Status: Open
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Hi Esri, 

There are many use cases where users need to add audio to their story map or web application but are limited in their on premise server hosting capabilities. 

After much research, there are no great alternatives for cloud hosting audio. 

It would be great if you expanded your list of supported content to include audio files (.mp3, .mp4, etc).  This could be  a feature included in a subscription account or even branded as an extension to a AGOL subscription. 


What about using Google Drive, Box or DropBox, and setting a field up with a link that allows anyone with the link to access the file?


Hi Jacob,

Thanks for the speedy response. So far we have tested Microsoft SharePoint and Google Drive.

When accessing the raw.mp3/.mp4/etc.. both are not mobile device compatible/ cannot be added to story maps (assortment of errors/behaviors). 

Do DropBox and Box allow you to access the raw .mp3/.mp4/etc.. file? 

From my experience Cascade requires the .mp3/.mp4/etc... raw file path and Shortlist/Story Map Tour require some HTML with the raw .mp3/.mp4/etc.. like in it like the example below. 

<audio controls="controls">
<source src="https://domain/filename.mp3">

I can continue to do some testing, but I was wondering if you knew. 




Jacob Boyle

Update on DropBox: 

No dice... when adding the below raw .mp3 url to Cascade it errors out (loading bar only) and does not display anything.

(DropBox documentations states to add URL Parameter ?raw=1 to access the raw .mp3 )

Example URL:


disappointing, this is definitely something I'd submit as an Idea!

I'd also recommend working through your Esri rep and submit an enhancement request.  


Jacob Boyle‌ You're right, this is disappointing that's why I created this GeoNet Idea!

I'll send the idea to my rep as well to see what he can do.