AGOL Hosted feature Layer Check and Repair Geometry

10-13-2020 11:51 PM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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AGOL is very bad at handling geometry errors in fact it can completely prevent your hosted layer from working on multiple different avenues. What is desperately needed is to allow the check and repair geometry tools within ArcPro to run on the Hosted layers themselves of the runtime databases from downloading a map off line.

I recently had a ticket where a hosted feature layer had multiple geometry errors, the solution was to repair the geometry errors but you can't do this without deleting all of the data and reloading it or overwriting the service. AGOL can't deal with geometry errors but has has no means to prevent them from occurring within the service, no means to identify them in the service, and no means to repair them in the service.


I'm running into null geometry for features that were appended to a hosted feature service through Pro. I'm able to Move To an absolute xyz on a point in Pro, but one by one and the points still don't always stay at the new position or render after being moved every time.


I am trying to get the Check Geometry tool to take a service URL or a FeatureSet but it does not like either.

Is there even any way to check for this stuff?



Has anyone worked this into a Bug that can be tracked?   I'm getting all kinds of disappearing lines after doing a few days work in AGOL. 

Manual editing of simple geometry is much quicker online, and WAS the way I had planned to train staff to do it.


We submitted Enhancement requests for both Check Geometry and Repair Geometry ArcGIS Pro geoprocessing tools to support hosted feature layers, as this is also a common problem for us. ArcGIS Online seems to corrupt hosted data on a regular basis.

Logged on 5/24/2023:
ENH-000158576 Provide the ability to use a hosted feature layer in ArcGIS Online as a valid input format in the Check Geometry geoprocessing tool in ArcGIS Pro.
As of 6/13/2023 this is In Review, Low Severity

Logged on 5/25/2023:
ENH-000158577 Provide the ability to use a hosted feature layer in ArcGIS Online as a valid input format in the Repair Geometry geoprocessing tool in ArcGIS Pro.

As of 6/13/2023, this was Closed as Will Not Be Addressed. Despite the Esri Technical Support Analyst, our Esri Account Team, and customers thinking that this is a good idea, it was closed it with the following message from development or the product team, or whoever reviewed it:
"If it\'s not already been done, i would recommend posting this on the esri ideas site. It is not a bad enh request but it\'s not clear that there is many users that would be impacted or interested in it.

The recommend workflow is to check/repair data before it is published or uploaded to a feature service.

Using check/repair geometry on remote (feature service) data, updating it locally, and pushing it back is likely to be rather quite slow."

We're well aware of what the recommended workflow is, and why it doesn't work well for us - and that ArcGIS Pro doesn't work well with ArcGIS Online hosted data in general. So much for comprehensive online GIS or seamless integration of local and online ArcGIS products.


@PaulHoefflerGISS  Thanks for that summary of the ENHs for this. That's a disappointing outcome from ESRI, our team has groups creating features in the field using a hosted layer and having to periodically pull the data down to repair the geometry then pushing it back up is so clunky. 


@Sasha_Helton, agreed. We have some cases where overwrite operations fix things, but sometimes they cause major issues. And having to pull data out of the system it resides in due to corruption, fix it locally, and then publish it back up and hope that it doesn't get worse is not an ideal workflow. "Enterprise" or "Pro" - probably not.


Feature Services,   we all love them, and we all anticipate this being the future of geospatial data for editing and sharing.   but everyone is correct,   the 'unknowns' of geometry and corruption and random 'why doesn't my Service work anymore' problems is becoming quite concerning.   I work within AGOL for Hosting Services and Sharing Services in my Web applications,  but ONLY with simple data(points/simple topology).   our more complex Datasets are still being editing on the desktop in Pro.   I'm still not convinced that AGOL or ESRI Feature Services are stable enough for major transactions in topologically complex datasets.    ..altho I wish they were.  fingers crossed for a more stable future and for ESRI to take these Service issues more seriously.