AGOL/Collector Update Attributes AND Geometry only

06-14-2017 10:57 AM
Status: Open
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I have Office users that create features in a Geoform for Field users to edit with Collector for iOS.

More often then not the Field users need to move the point to a more precise location. With the current 'Only update feature attributes' in the feature layer settings, it disables geometry edits.

The only way around this is by allowing 'Add, update and delete features'.

Is there any way we can have more control over a feature layers editing cability by keeping the existing options and adding 'Only update feature attributes and geometry' and 'Only update feature geometry'?

This would be very useful and combined with Creating Views (and differing edit capabilities) of a feature service for different users would allow for even finer grain control for the administrator over particular workflows.



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Just want to add to this, my description of this feature idea (Basically the same, but with a picture!):

I want to be able to check a box in my hosted feature layer settings that says "Allow updates of feature attributes and location/geometry only."

This stems from my GeoNet post, which describes a work around to achieve this functionality in Hosted Feature Layers: 

Unfortunately, the work around does not work for feature layer "Views" that are created.