AGOL/ Collector Attachment Rename

05-13-2015 08:11 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
Currently there is not a way to change the name of an attachment (photo) without downloading it to your desktop and then doing a save as, renaming it and then re-adding it to the feature. 

Also being able to do add mulitple attachments at once with in AGOL from desktop. Currently you have to choose one file then wait for it to load before you can add another attachment. 

This would be a massive boon to our field crews, they're frequently taking photos of confined areas or cramped service boxes and the only way they can note which photo is which part of the feature is to use the feature's comments field. Attachment renaming (and other types of metadata editing) in Collector would be the perfect solution.


In the new collector you can rename the photo.